Tethys Launches to Bring Robotics to Wind Industry

Two of the global wind industry’s stalwarts, Mike Newman of Pelergy and Jamie Allan of Allan Panthera, have today publicly launched a new venture together: Tethys.

Focusing on providing the latest in robotics and disruptive technology solutions for both the onshore and offshore wind markets, Tethys has already secured a partnership agreement with Aerones Inc. for blade inspection, repair and maintenance services. The Aerones robotics technology is up to 5x faster than conventional rope access, drastically reducing turbine downtime. It is also more scalable and far safer to deploy, removing the need for men to work at height.

Furthermore, Tethys is in negotiations with one of the top global turbine manufacturers on a collaborative project which will see a game-changing offshore product developed - full details will be announced in due course.

Tethys fills a gap in the market as a service provider direct to asset owners and operators that only offers innovative solutions which have been independently validated and are commercially viable - saving the end user time and money that would otherwise be spent on assessing and testing multiple novel solutions from various new companies.

One major gain is the ability to roll out a solution across the fleet in multiple locations or geographies to achieve quicker benefits at scale and simplified supply chains. This avoids each wind farm or region pulling an organisation in different directions and working with competing solutions.

Mike and Jamie are no strangers to the industry. Mike has over 10 years in wind energy technology development and service delivery and is an avid technologist. Over the years, he has supported turbine manufacturers, utility companies, innovation centres and high-tech firms on product development and new technology integration. Having worked on R&D projects amounting to £100’s of millions, Mike is very well versed on the latest technology available to the wind industry and is adamant on realising the industry’s hi-tech future.

Jamie has over 8 years in global energy, including over 5 working within the onshore and offshore wind sector, where he brought disruptive O&M solutions to major end users such as Scottish Power, Equinor, and SSE. In addition to extensive commercial expertise, he has previously created and launched a successful wind service business and project managed two award-winning world-first offshore wind projects in the UK and USA. He is currently a mentor for the ORE Catapult Launch Academy.

Commenting on the public launch, Mike and Jamie said:

"Having met each other on a UK Government trade mission to China and discovering our shared skills and interests, we are excited to now present Tethys and offer the industry a trusted service providing innovative, but crucially, proven, O&M solutions. With our track record of validating disruptive technologies and commercialising them in the wind industry, we will take care of everything allowing the end users to be exposed to minimal risk and hassle whilst enjoying maximum benefit and cost reduction."

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